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About Us

Ansunle is a professional services and consultancy firm in Singapore with a team of qualified and dedicated professionals to provide business owners and leaders with the freedom to focus on growing their businesses instead of doing it all themselves. We are set up to help you tackle these challenges. Our mission is to make every business simple.

What We Do

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A wide range of services

Our services include the following-:

Financial statements and bookkeeping services

The Singapore Companies Act require that all resident companies in Singapore maintain proper books of accounts. It is also a requirement for such companies to file their taxes, maintain a general ledger, fixed assets ledger, accounts payable ledger, and also have proper records of accounts receivables and bank reconciliations. Our financial statements and bookkeeping services are met to help you get your books in good order and see to it that you comply with the Singapore Companies Act as well as ACRA and ICRAS requirements.

GST Services

As an accounting and tax firm in Singapore, we also offer GST services to help businesses file and comply with all the statutory requirements. In this regard, our consultants will help your business with the following-:

  • GST Registration – we register with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for the GST on your behalf.
  • GST Filing – we assess and determine the impact of GST registration on your business as well as clients. Once the assessment is complete, we will give you advice on the recommended GST filing cycle that will be ideal for your business.

Payroll Services

As a company grows, demand for professional payroll services will increase, and you will be better off when you right at the beginning with the right professionals. It is imperative that as a business, you calculate, process and report all the payroll components such as allowances, deductions, and remittances correctly and in good time for every employee to receive their correct pay without delay. Our comprehensive range of payroll services is in place to help you cover all the aspects of

Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Return Services

Tax filing in Singapore is a mandatory requirement for every legal business, and as an accounting and tax firm in Singapore, this is one of the services we have for our clients. We have an in-house team of taxations specialists who will take care of all your corporate tax planning and tax return needs. These primarily involve the identification of tax-efficient strategies, statutory tax filing, and ensuring corporate tax compliance.

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