Business Legal Services in Singapore

If you have set up a company in Singapore, or are looking forward to, you would require legal help in order to proceed with the operations of your company smoothly. The best way is to hire legal help service, which will cater all your legal needs.


What will a Legal Service help you with?

A legal service will help you in a number of ways in various sectors of the operations of your business. Some of them are:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If, by any chance, there is a dispute among two parties, at least one of them belonging to, or being your company, the Legal Services will help you resolve the dispute without resorting to litigation.

Business Compliance and Advice

If you are setting up a company, you will need to ensure that your business runs in compliance of all the laws and regulations in Singapore. The lawyers you have hired will help you by providing the best advice in running your business profitably.

Transactions across the Border

Singapore is situated at the heart of the Asia-Pacific, providing you access to a number of countries. Once your company has established in Singapore, you would want to expand to one or more of these countries, and here is where you would need advice on foreign laws and the best way to get safe transactions across the border. The legal services will help you there.

Corporate Law

In Singapore, the laws for operating business are incorporated in the Companies Act. This Act provides the provisions of dealing with compliance agreement, disputes, corporate structures, reporting, disclosure agreements, as well as the duties of directors, company secretaries, auditors and management.

The lawyers from the Legal Services are well versed in the Companies Act and other related Acts in Singapore, so that you can get professional and sound advice on any of the matters.

Director’s Duties and Responsibilities

The director of a company holds specific responsibilities. Under Singapore law, he director of a company must be a resident. So, foreigners use the services of a nominee director who will take care of the post of a director. The Legal Services you have hired will put you in the loop of the exact duties and responsibilities of a director and protect you from any risk.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal Service would provide you with the finest advice for mergers and acquisitions. You can rest easy that the decision you have made is safe and profitable.

Franchise Agreements

A franchise agreement is a non-negotiable contract and you must be aware of all the tiny details and the dos and don’ts of the agreement. Lawyers would help you by taking this huge task out of your and reviewing the agreement to make sure if it serves your purpose or not.

A professional advice on the legal matters mentioned above (and more) is vital to the running and growth of your company towards successes.


What to Look for in a Legal Service?

The most important question of all—how to find the best lawyer for your company?
Well, here’s a list of things you should look for in a lawyer:


You need to look closely at the awards and appointments of the lawyer in consideration, as it will tell you about their experience.

Experience and Specialization

If a lawyer has an experience in your business, it will be more beneficial for you to hire their services.


You should look for a Legal Service that is responsive to your queries. This way, you can ensure that any and all legal matters of you company will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Reviews from Old Clients

Last, but not the least, get reviews from the previous and/or existing clients to know if the lawyer you are considering provides satisfactory services or not.


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