Corporate Secretarial

It is mandatory for all Singapore companies to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation. As your Corporate Secretary, we will ensure your company to comply with statutory requirements. Our corporate secretarial services include:

Company Secretary Services in Singapore

So you have your business newly incorporated in Singapore. Good for you! It is high time that you get yourself company secretary services now.

Why? Well, you are bound by law to hire at least one company secretary within 6 months of the set up of your business in Singapore. A company secretary is knowledgeable in the Singapore laws and will be able to help you in many steps of the way to your business’ growth. Here is a brief guide to all you need to know about company secretary services.


Requirements for a Company Secretary

A company secretary needs to have hands on knowledge and information on the Companies Act.

Besides this, a company secretary needs to be a citizen of Singapore, or they must have a Singapore Employment Pass / Dependant Pass / Entre Pass.


List of Services that a Company Secretary Will Provide

A company secretary will:

Establish and Maintain Statutory Registers Properly

Company secretary services ensure that your register of members, register of director, register of secretaries and the register of mortgages and charges over property are properly maintained as per the provisions in the Companies Act.

File any Changes and Update the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, ACRA.

All your annual reports will be filed accordingly on time. Moreover, in the case of new appointments or the death of any officer(s), the proper documentation will be taken care of by the company secretary services, and the ACRA will be updated. If you need to change the name of your company, the approval and filing will be duly done by your company secretary as well.

Monitor Relations with Shareholders

Your relations and communication with the shareholders will be monitored and maintained.

Preparing Minutes, Agendas and Providing Legal Advice in Annual and Board Meetings

Company secretary services will make sure that the meetings will be followed by the proper procedures and the meeting minutes will be taken care of.

Remind you of Deadlines

For the ACRA compliance work deadlines, you will be reminded of it in a timely manner so that you won’t miss it by mistake.

Ensure the Appropriate Use of the Corporate Seal

Your company seal will be under the protection of your company secretary, who will ensure its proper use.

Aid in Implementing Corporate Acquisitions and Disposals

Your company secretary will guarantee that all your documentations are effective and all transactions follow a proper commercial evaluation.

Act as a Channel of Communication between your Company and Non-Executive Directors

Your non-executive directors will be kept in the loop by the company secretary, who will provide them the information they require.


Benefits of Using Company Secretary Services

Here is a list of benefits that you will receive once you hire reliable and competent company secretary services:

  • Proper management of corporate matters: All the services that a company secretary will provide you will ensure that the management of your corporate affairs runs smoothly without any setbacks.
  • Protection from legal mistakes: Legal mistakes can have major negative consequences on the company, which is why legal matters need to be handled with care and scrutiny.
  • Peace of mind: You will no longer need to worry about the documentation and legal issues, as they will be taken care of and you will be updated about it regularly.


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From S$500 per year*

• Notification of filing deadlines and ACRA annual compliance alerts
• Filing of annual return with Annual General Meeting
• Appointment / resignation of director
• Purchase of extract of constitution
• Safekeeping of common seal and share certificates
• Change of company / shareholder / officer particulars
• Issue of dividends
• Increase paid up capital
• Transfer / allotment of shares
• Company strike off
• Acts as registered office
• Provision of nominee secretary, local director and local agent

* All prices exclude GST, are indicate and to the discretion of Ansunle. Please contact us for a quote.